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7 / 3 / 2013

ALUCOIL's Internationalization studied at the Complutense University of Madrid

The President of the Aliberico Group explained to the students the "Vision Plan" which draws the path of ALUCOIL´s internationalization.

Last Tuesday, March 6th, 2013, the Family Business Chair at the Complutense University of Madrid and the Association for the Development of Family Business in Madrid (ADEFAM) organized a conference where Clemente González Soler, President of the Alibérico Group, presented ALUCOIL as an example of a family Spanish business internationalization to 200 students of economics at the Complutense University of Madrid.
During the presentation, Clemente González Soler, explained the students the bases and key insights that have driven ALUCOIL to be currently one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of composite panels, having started from scratch in 1997 and with a clear strategy based on innovation, quality and the importance of their brands.
The President of the Aliberico Group explained to the students the "Vision Plan" which draws the path of ALUCOIL´s internationalization and that aims by 2015 to become the first worldwide composite panel manufacturer with a share of 10% of the world market with factories in five continents. As noted Clemente González Soler during the conference, the philosophy of this purpose is condensed in only one clear idea: "Do what you know and do it all around the world."
The development of this plan, up to date, has involved the landing of ALUCOIL in Morocco (2010), United States (2011) and Brazil (2012) and, in a few months, in 2013, in Oceania. "In countries where we detect administrative or fiscal difficulties, we enter with agreements with local companies, always making sure to have majority of the shareholder, and the rest of the counties we assume 100% of the investment. Ultimately, the goal will be to have seven factories around the world, close to the most dynamic markets, able to supply our products in tight deadlines," he said.
The President of Aliberico encouraged the students to "measure all their actions": "you cannot manage what you cannot measure", and advised them to "be very careful to always use the same parameters." He pointed out that one of the keys for establishing a successful business in an international market is to "conduct a thorough pre-field study. You have to visit the country, know and observe your competitors, and analyze the local and surrounding markets ".
The seminar ended with many questions from students to the President of Alibérico where, among other topics, innovation was indicated as one of the factors for the success of the Aliberico Group. "We develop our own patents and we implement a model of R & D + i in which we give absolute preference to the lowercase i, innovation. We value knowledge, but above all that knowledge has to be able to be transformed into business, in terms of process improvement and the development of new products," he affirmed.

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